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Adipurush Row Leads to Halt of Bollywood Screenings in Kathmandu

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Controversial dialogue sparks Nepalese Mayor’s decision to stop Bollywood film screenings:

The Bollywood film Adipurush has been involved in several controversies over its contentious dialogue. The latest issue to arise stems from a line in the film that refers to the character Sita as the “daughter of India.” This statement has been criticized as misleading because Sita is traditionally believed to have been the daughter of King Janak of Janakpur.

Mayor of Kathmandu Takes Action:

In response to the controversy, the Mayor of Kathmandu, Balendra Shah, issued an ultimatum to the Indian filmmakers behind Adipurush on June 18. Shah urged the creators to remove the disputed dialogue from the film. He emphasized the importance of accurately representing the historical and cultural context of the character Sita, highlighting the potential negative effects of presenting her as an Indian figure on Nepal’s sovereignty and independence.

Screening of Hindi Films Halted:

As the makers of Adipurush failed to remove the contentious dialogue, Mayor Balendra Shah ordered all cinema halls in Kathmandu to stop screening Bollywood films starting from June 19. This decision has been made in support of Nepal’s national pride and to voice dissatisfaction with the incorrect portrayal of King Janak’s daughter Sita.

Reactions from Nepal’s Film Industry:

In the wake of Shah’s decision, various parties within Nepal’s film industry have reacted to the situation. QFX Cinemas, a prominent cinema chain in the country, has issued a statement acknowledging the controversial dialogue in the film Adipurush. They have also expressed support for the halt of Bollywood film screenings in order to protect Nepal’s cultural integrity.


The Adipurush controversy has led to escalating tensions between the Indian and Nepali film industries. It remains to be seen whether the filmmakers will comply with Mayor Shah’s request and remove the controversial dialogue. In the meantime, the decision to halt Bollywood screenings in Kathmandu underlines the importance of creating respectful and accurate dialogues when dealing with diverse cultural histories and narratives.

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