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Everything Everywhere All at Once: A Multiverse of Female Empowerment

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The 2022 sci-fi film Everything Everywhere All at Once has captivated audiences with its exploration of female empowerment through a wildly inventive multiverse conceit. Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the movie stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, a Chinese-American immigrant who gets swept up in an insane adventure where she connects with lives she could have led. This wacky yet poignant film upends expectations at every turn, telling a story that manages to be both hilarious and deeply meaningful.

Everything Everywhere All at Once centers on the character of Evelyn Wang, a middle-aged Chinese immigrant woman struggling to be seen within her family and find meaning in her mundane life running a laundry business. The movie joyfully subverts the trope of the soft-spoken Asian woman by having Evelyn discover her latent abilities to kick butt – literally. As she encounters alternate versions of herself across the multiverse, Evelyn realizes the potential within herself to be powerful, confident, and rewrite her own story.

The film uses the concept of the endless possibilities within the multiverse to have Evelyn explore different aspects of her identity. No longer confined to just one version of herself, Evelyn embraces the multitudes within. Everything Everywhere All at Once is a celebration of breaking free from societal pressures and expectations of women. With humor and an infectious optimism, the movie explores the journey of finding oneself and claiming one’s inner power. Evelyn’s story will resonate with women everywhere who feel bound by traditional roles and norms. Her transformation is a love letter to the female capacity for growth and self-actualization against all odds.

Female Empowerment in the Character of Evelyn Wang

Evelyn Wang’s character arc in Everything Everywhere All at Once is a profoundly moving portrayal of a woman discovering her inner power. At the start of the film, Evelyn feels invisible, bogged down by her duties as a wife, mother, and daughter. She struggles to be seen and heard by her critical father and aloof husband. The laundromat she runs with her husband is failing, and the IRS is investigating them. Outwardly, Evelyn embodies the trope of the soft-spoken, long-suffering Asian woman.

Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh)
Photo: A still from the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once(2022)

Yet when Evelyn gets plunged into the multiverse adventure, we see glimmers of the badass within. Her alternate universe lives unlock courage, strength, and abilities she never knew she had. As the reluctant hero at the center of an impending multiversal war, Evelyn is forced to confront her self-limiting beliefs and realize her limitless potential. A hugely satisfying montage shows Evelyn training across the multiverse, honing her fighting skills with swords, guns and more. We thrill at her transformation into a supremely confident, skilled warrior.

The once unsure, invisible woman becomes the savior of the multiverse through embracing all of who she is. A mother’s love drives her to keep fighting against impossible odds. The most powerful Evelyn lives within our core protagonist all along – she just needed to believe in herself. Everything Everywhere All at Once is a joyful celebration of the inner strength within every woman. Evelyn Wang’s journey gives hope that it is never too late to discover one’s power and rewrite the story society has written for you. Her example inspires women everywhere to let go of fear and expectation, and step into their true selves.

Exploring Identity Through the Concept of the Multiverse

Everything Everywhere All at Once playfully uses the idea of the multiverse to examine the nature of identity. As Evelyn interacts with her alternate universe selves, the film suggests we all contain multitudes within us. On the surface, Evelyn presents as one thing – the stuck, unhappy wife and mother. But the versions of Evelyn she encounters unlock hidden sides of herself she didn’t know existed.

By literally coming face-to-face with the infinite possibilities within herself, Evelyn realizes how limiting it is to conform to just one identity. Whether it’s the legendary martial arts master, brilliant chef, famous singer or pathbreaking fashion designer, each alternate Evelyn reveals potentials waiting to be unlocked. No longer forced to play one role, Evelyn gains the freedom to embrace everything she could be.

The multiverse premise lets Evelyn and the audience visualize how we are all composed of different aspects of self. There is power in recognizing our multitudes instead of flattening ourselves into one-dimensional versions of who we are. As Evelyn accepts the intricate spectrum of identities within her, she gains the confidence to define herself on her own terms.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a joyful exploration of the complexities of individual identity. The film delightfully depicts how being exposed to our infinite alternate lives allows us to open our minds to all the versions we can be. Like Evelyn Wang, we too can realize that we contain endless, exciting possibilities within ourselves. We can liberate ourselves from the need to conform to a singular, limited conception of who we are.

Breaking Societal Norms and Expectations

Everything Everywhere All at Once gleefully depicts Evelyn Wang shattering the societal expectations placed upon her as an Asian woman and immigrant. We first meet Evelyn as the embodiment of the self-sacrificing Asian mother and wife – quiet, dutiful, and eager to please her family. However, her multiverse adventure awakens a rebellious spirit intent on breaking free of limiting cultural and gender norms.

We see Evelyn rail against the assumption that she exist only to serve her father, husband and daughter. Her alternate lives symbolize defiantly forging her own path. As a glamorous movie star, rock star and fashion icon, these Evelyn variants revel in living for themselves. Our core Evelyn channels their confidence and refusal to be invisible. Armed with a new sense of self, she confronts the toxic patterns in her relationships and stands up to her overbearing father.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is an immigrant’s story of cutting the strings of expectation foisted upon Asian women. The film playfully skewers tropes like the tiger mom, nagging wife and obedient daughter. Evelyn’s exploration of her alternate lives awakens a desire to live authentically. Her rebellion across the multiverse inspires Asian women everywhere to be true to themselves instead of conforming to rigid societal rules. Evelyn Wang shows that it is never too late to stop being compliant and polite, and start speaking and living your truth.

The Importance of Family and Relationships

While Everything Everywhere All at Once centers on Evelyn’s personal growth, her family relationships are the emotional anchor. Evelyn’s father, husband and daughter both hinder and help her journey to empowerment and self-discovery. Their expectations initially weigh heavily on her, restricting her self-expression. However, rediscovering her love for them ultimately motivates Evelyn to embrace the hero role only she can play.

The film poignantly explores how our families shape our identities, for better and worse. Evelyn’s arc is learning to stop seeking validation from her critical, traditional father, emotionally distant husband, and rebellious daughter. Their relationships evolve as Evelyn asserts herself, allowing more openness and mutual understanding.

A still from Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

Everything Everywhere All at Once highlights how fully living one’s truth often requires redefining family connections. Evelyn’s alternate lives depict more liberating relationships, free of dysfunctional dynamics. For our core Evelyn, balancing personal growth with familial responsibility is a central challenge. But the film movingly shows how loving one’s family and oneself need not be mutually exclusive.

In the end, the unbreakable bond between Evelyn and her daughter transcends the multiverse. Their relationship represents Evelyn’s dance between conforming to maternal expectations and pursuing her own fulfillment. Through a profoundly moving story of a mother’s love, Everything Everywhere All at Once suggests family provides a foundation as we explore the multitudes within ourselves. Evelyn’s journey reveals that accepting ourselves allows us to accept our loved ones – and be accepted in turn.


Everything Everywhere All at Once takes audiences on a wildly entertaining ride that also speaks to empowering themes for women. At its core, the movie is about Evelyn Wang’s journey to shed her limiting beliefs and embrace her untapped potential. By exploring the multiverse, she gains strength, skills and confidence she never knew she had.

Evelyn’s story is a deeply resonant one for all women who feel constrained by societal pressures and norms. Her transformation symbolizes the female capacity to rewrite internalized narratives holding us back. Evelyn shifts from merely reacting to her family’s expectations to taking charge of her identity and path. Everything Everywhere All at Once joyfully depicts the liberation that comes with defying roles imposed upon women and fully owning one’s worth.

The film’s refreshing take on the superhero origin story reminds women that we already have power within us. Unlocking it is a matter of self-belief. With its creativity, humor and heart, Everything Everywhere All at Once inspires us to recognize the magic we can make once we love ourselves enough to be all we can be. As Evelyn Wang shows, constructing your own identity and truth is the most important way one can harness their inner power.

This singular cinematic achievement manages to find the profound within the playful. Everything Everywhere All at Once speaks to the human yearning for purpose and self-actualization. It encourages women to embrace their inner heroine, recognize their strength, and put in the work to reach their highest potential. The film proves it is never too late to unlock the possible versions of oneself waiting across every universe.

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