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Jennifer Aniston Shuts Down Instagram Comments Amid Jamie Foxx’s Antisemitic Row

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The world of social media has been set aflame with a recent controversy involving Academy Award-winning actor and Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston. A controversial, now-deleted post on Foxx’s Instagram accounts, allegedly with antisemitic sentiment, has led to public backlash and unexpected consequences for Aniston.

The Controversy: Striking a Discordant Note with Instagram Post 

Foxx’s Instagram post, now removed, has been at the center of this furor. Featuring a black square with a provocative statement: “They killed this dude named Jesus…what do you think they do to you?” . Jennifer Aniston, mentioned in the allegedly antisemitic post, has found herself inadvertently thrust into the turbulence.

Aniston’s Response: Halting Conversation Amidst the Chaos

 In response to the widespread attention and potential backlash generated by Foxx’s post, Jennifer Aniston took a drastic step – she disabled the comments section on her Instagram.

This proactive counter-measure was taken to presumably avoiding getting embroiled in the ongoing controversy.

The Public Backlash: From Followers to Critics 

The public, known for its unflinching gaze, had a lot to say about both Foxx’s post and Aniston’s immediate action on Instagram. Opinions ranged from vehement criticism to expressions of support, laying bare a stark divide in the population’s sentiment.

Foxx’s Apology: A Standard Damage Control?

 In an attempt to quell the uprising, Foxx soon took to Instagram again to tender an apology for his post justifying his intentions.

jammie foxx apology

 Whether this apology resonated with the masses or was drowned out amidst the clamor remains a topic of scrutiny.

Impact and Implications: An Unsettling Influence 

This social media controversy to significantly impact Foxx and Aniston’s public image and potentially their careers. While the long-term effects remain to be seen, it’s a conspicuous indicator of the power and peril of social media platforms.


 This controversy serves as a stern reminder of the far-reaching implications of celebrities’ online presence. Time will tell Foxx and Aniston can weather this storm and what their subsequent actions on social media, and beyond, will be.

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