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 Mistakes in “Adipurush” That Angered Fans

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Adipurush, an upcoming Indian film, has managed to garner a lot of attention, not only for its stellar cast and innovative concept but also for the mistakes and controversies that have seemingly angered its fans. Below, we will discuss these contentious aspects and delve into why they have caused such a stir among the audience.

Cast Choices Not Living Up to Expectations:

One of the reasons fans expressed their disappointment is the casting. Although Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan have been received with enthusiasm for their respective roles as Lord Ram and Raavan, the choice of actresses has left some audiences disgruntled. Fans took to social media to voice their objection to Kriti Sanon portraying Sita, stating that her on-screen presence doesn’t evoke the emotions required for such a pivotal character. Similarly, the casting of Sunny Singh as Laxman has irked fans who believe his previous body of work does not match the character’s gravitas.

Inaccurate Depictions of Characters:

Adipurush is based on the Indian epic Ramayana, which means that it comes with a well-established understanding of its characters. Fans felt that the portrayal of crucial figures didn’t align with their original depiction, particularly in relation to their physical attributes. For instance, Saif Ali Khan’s appearance as Raavan with ten heads left fans dissatisfied, as his costume and makeup appeared unrealistic and unimpressive. Such discrepancies could be seen as an affront to the cultural significance of the story, thus sparking outrage among fans.

Compromising Cultural Sensitivities:

The significance of the Ramayana in Indian culture cannot be undermined, and any representation that deviates from its traditional portrayal may be met with resentment. The director, Om Raut, has hinted that the film might portray Raavan in a more humanized light, emphasizing his intellect and prowess rather than just his demonized aspects. This creative decision, however, did not sit well with a section of the audience, who believe that any alteration of an age-old narrative endangers their cultural identity. Such apprehensions are only exacerbated by the movie’s promise to showcase the story through a modern lens.

Inadequate Attention to Detail:

Lastly, fans voiced their disappointment over the apparent lack of attention to detail when it comes to the film’s aesthetics. For a movie set in ancient India, the visuals and costumes should convey a sense of authenticity; however, the audience’s expectations in this regard have not been met. The film’s earlier released posters, showcasing the characters in outfits that looked too contemporary, have only fueled these concerns.


In conclusion, the movie Adipurush has been under the scanner for several reasons: from its choice of cast to its visual representation of Indian mythology and the potential alteration of cultural narratives. Fans who hold the Ramayana close to their hearts are particularly anxious about how the turn out, and whether it will pay homage to the revered story or tarnish its legacy. As the film is still in production, it remains to be seen if the final product addresses these concerns or fuels further controversies.

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