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The Top 8 Taylor Swift Subreddits Every Fan Should Join

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Taylor Swift subreddit is one of the most celebrated subreddits in the world. With over 16 million followers on Reddit, Taylor Swift has cultivated an engaged community of fans on the platform. Her subreddit r/TaylorSwift boasts over 200,000 members actively discussing the global pop sensation. Across Reddit, thousands participate in subs about Taylor’s music, life, conspiracy theories, merch collecting and more. This demonstrates Taylor Swift’s massive influence in pop culture and her status as a musical icon on par with legends like The Beatles or Michael Jackson who also have huge Reddit followings.

Taylor Swift’s presence permeates across Reddit. There are subs like r/TaylorSwiftPictures sharing photos and memes. Others like r/SwiftieMerch focus on buying and selling rare merch. With so many options, it can be hard for fans to find the best Taylor Swift subreddits to join.

That’s why this article will highlight the top Taylor Swift subreddit on Reddit that provide the best discussions, analysis, news, and updates on Taylor’s life and career. As a prolific artist dropping surprise albums and constantly making headlines, there’s always something new going on with Taylor Swift. These handpicked subreddits will ensure fans are looped into the best Taylor content and latest gossip. Whether you’re a long-time Swiftie or just discovering Taylor’s music, these subs are gateways into the passionate, welcoming, and always entertaining Taylor Swift fandom on Reddit. Joining Taylor Swift subreddit is the perfect way for any fan to enhance their love for Taylor.

1. r/TaylorSwift: As the main hub for Taylor Swift fans on Reddit, r/TaylorSwift boasts over 200,000 members. This highly active community posts the latest Taylor news, high-quality photos and videos, concert information, new song analysis and fan theories. With so many active users, discussions span Taylor’s entire career and personal life. There are throwback posts appreciating her country roots all the way to speculation about who her songs are about now. For a general fan looking for daily updates and conversation about Taylor, r/TaylorSwift is the perfect one-stop Taylor Swift subreddit.

2. r/TaylorSwiftMerch: For diehard fans who want content specifically about Taylor’s infamous merch, r/TaylorSwiftMerch has over 20,000 members. Fans showcase hauls of rare collectibles they find online or at concerts. When new merch drops, you can find photos of each item and reviews on sizing. There are also restock updates when popular items come back in stock. For collectors buying and selling rare finds, it’s a great marketplace. And with Taylor’s constant avalanche of creative merch, there’s always something new to discuss.

3. r/SwiftieMerch: Similar to r/TaylorSwiftMerch, r/SwiftieMerch is a Taylor Swift subreddit specifically focused on buying, selling, and trading Taylor Swift merchandise. It provides a dedicated platform for Swifties to connect with each other, announce merchandise sales, and share their own experiences in obtaining rare or exclusive items. If you’re looking to expand your Taylor Swift collection, r/SwiftieMerch is the place to be.

4. r/TaylorSwiftTix: Scoring tickets to Taylor Swift’s hugely popular stadium tours can be competitive. r/TaylorSwiftTix has over 4,000 members discussing ticket buying tips, face value exchanges, and resales. Fans share presale codes and tips like using multiple devices. When concerts sell out instantly, it’s a place to find newly listed seats. There is also a trusted verification system to avoid scams. For devotees planning to see Taylor live, this is an essential subreddit.

5. r/TaylorSwiftAutographs: Taylor Swift’s signature is one of the most valuable autographs in music. On r/TaylorSwiftAutographs, collectors buy, sell and verify signed items. Fans share stories of how they got their prized signatures. You can also find discussions distinguishing real versus forged autographs using markers like pen pressure and variations. As Taylor’s fame rises, so does the value of authentic autographs, making this Taylor Swift subreddit a vital resource.

6. r/SwiftieCirclejerk: With over 5,000 members, r/SwiftieCirclejerk is a humorous take on Taylor fandom. The satire subreddit features memes, jokes, and lighthearted discussions poking fun at over-the-top obsessions. Commentary includes stan culture, theories about Taylor’s hidden messages, and laughing off obsessive knowledge about her catalog. For fans who don’t take Taylor Swift too seriously and want engaging comedic content, this is a great choice.

7. r/GaylorSwift: Centered around theorizing that Taylor Swift dates women, r/GaylorSwift has thousands of subscribers. They analyze lyrics, videos, social media and paparazzi photos for hints supporting Gaylor. Discussions include speculation about subjects of songs like Betty, Illicit Affairs, and Dress. The subreddit name itself is a portmanteau of “gay” and “Taylor.” While humorously covering conspiracy theories, fans raise thought-provoking perspectives on queer culture.

8. r/Swiftie: With a tight-knit community of over 1,000, r/Swiftie aims for thoughtful discussions and high-effort posts. Moderators organize weekly themes, fan surveys, ranking activities and more. Topics range from favorite songs on each album to Taylor’s best music videos. Users also share creative projects like fanart, Swift-themed D&D campaigns, and home decor. For fans who want meaningful conversations beyond general updates, r/Swiftie delivers an intimate corner of fandom.


Taylor Swift’s widespread presence on Reddit is a testament to her cultural impact and the passion of her global fanbase. The diverse array of subreddits highlighted in this article offer something for every type of Swiftie, tapping into the full range of interests within the Taylor Swift community.

Whether you want to geek out over merchandise collecting, laugh at jokes and memes, decode lyrical Easter eggs, or simply chat with fellow fans, there is an engaging Taylor-centric subreddit to fulfill your needs. The platform provides a space for fans ranging from casual listeners to devoted enthusiasts to come together and bond over their shared love of Taylor’s music and storytelling.

Reddit gives the Taylor Swift fandom a home base online to interact, discuss, theorize, and admire their unparalleled favorite artist. The constantly active subreddits demonstrate the 24/7 liveliness of the Swiftie community. Taylor Swift news and events ripple instantly across these forums full of eager, involved supporters.

For both longtime fans and newcomers to Taylor’s world, joining these subreddits offers a chance to fully immerse yourself in the welcoming Swiftie community. So whether you’ve been a fan since Taylor’s country days or just discovered her in the folklore era, head to Reddit to meet fellow stans, stay on top of everything Taylor, and enhance your experience as a Swiftie. The passionate, funny, and brilliant Taylor Swift Reddit community is waiting for you.

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